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Singapore ant

Photo Credit: Hawai`i Ant Lab (photo taken by Melody Euaparadorn)

Hawaii News Now: Maui remembers beloved biologist, known for saving Native Hawaiian species

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Hawaii Public Radio: Conservationists try new method to stop spread of Rapid Ohia Death...

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Star Advertiser: Rare plant program report highlights recovery, struggles of Hawaiian plants

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RCUH Announcement: REVISED February 7, 2022 - 3.930C Policy

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RCUH Announcement: RCUH COVID-19 Policy (Effective January 4, 2022)

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Congratulations to MFBRP for winning second place in the Team Category for RCUH's 2021 Outstanding Employee of the Year!

The Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project team are dedicated in preventing the extinction of Maui’s native forest birds and restoring their habitats. Avian research is a key component of this project. This includes population monitoring and in-depth demographics. With this knowledge, they then implement management actions to mitigate the threats that are most limiting to these bird populations. ​

RCUH Awardees Announcement

2021 RCUH Annual Performance Evaluations - Deadline to PCSU HR is September 17, 2021

PCSU has set a deadline of September 17, 2021 to ensure we meet RCUH's deadline.

Performance evaluations must be sent to PCSU HR for review and PI signature. Do not send evaluations directly to RCUH. This will cause delays. Contact Michelle Miyata ( or 808-956-9512) if you have any questions or need assistance with the form.

Update: Information regarding raises will be emailed to Managers shortly.

2021 RCUH Outstanding Employee Nominees

Project Support Staff Category
Dylan Davis (top photo)
Ko'olau Mountain Watershed Partnership

Team Category
Hanna Mounce, Laura Berthold, Zachary Pezzillo (bottom 3 photos)
Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project

RCUH Nominee Announcement