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Stone, C. P. and D. B. Stone (eds.). 1988. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY IN HAWAII. Distributed by University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Table of Contents

Explanatory Notes

Hawaii's Uniqueness

Hawaiian Ecosystems

The Uniqueness of Hawaii's Biota

The Volcanic Origin of the Hawaiian Islands

Plant Taxonomy in the Hawaiian Islands

Non-native Plants

Alien Plant Management

Native Invertebrates

Non-native Invertebrates

Non-native Vertebrates

Captive Propagation of Native Birds

Communities and Species Diversity

Biological Diversity and Its Loss

Gene Pool Conservation

Problems, Planning and Protection

Controlling the Flow of Non-native Species

Biological Databases

Vegetation Mapping

Protection of Natural Habitats

Conservation Education

Environmental Education in Hawaii

History, Problems and Needs

Techniques and Targets

Values and Ethics

Hawaiian Conservation Values

Outdoor Ethics in America

Humanity's Responsibility

The Value of Conservation Education